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Installing Applications Through the Android Market

The Android Market is essentially Android’s answer to Apple’s iPhone App Store. As of September 2009, the Android Market already offered well over 10,000 applications, and this number has only continued to grow. In addition to the applications the Android Market offers, you can also use it to install other downloaded third party applications.

  1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
  2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
  3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
  4. Click and install your APK files.

Installing Applications With Android SDK

It is possible to install APK files without utilizing the Android Market, although the process is more difficult and complex. To avoid the Android Market, you need to use Android SDK.

  1. Download and install the Google Android SDK program and the Android USB drivers. The download links are as follows: http://code.google.com/android/intro/installing.html
  2. http://dl.google.com/android/android_usb_windows.zip
  3. You need to modify your Android’s settings to allow the installation of applications from other sources. Under “Settings,” select “Application Settings” and then enable “Unknown Sources.” Also under “Settings,” select “SD Card” and “Phone Storage,” and finally enable “Disable Use for USB Storage”
  4. This last step is easy. Open Command Prompt and type the following: adb install <1>/<2>.apk
  5. However, when you type the command, replace <1> with the path to your APK file and replace <2> with the name of the APK file.
  6. You’re done! Your application is now ready for your use and enjoyment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Download final fantasy iii pak|parkour|cpk|aiptek|android free|files

Final Fantasy 3 Apk

Final Fantasy III -- now on Android!

First released in 1990, Final Fantasy III was the first title in the Final Fantasy series to become a million-seller, establishing once and for all that Square Enix's classic RPG saga was here to stay.
The full 3D remake released in 2006 duplicated the original's success, selling over a million copies worldwide.

Final Fantasy III was a hallmark of innovation for the entire series, from the job system that lets characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut.

When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to set forth on a journey to save the world.


Game Features

- New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences only for Android

- Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to Square Enix's smartphone RPGs

- Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game records

- New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards

Download Link: http://adf.ly/1686190/final-fantasy-3-apk

Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator v1.1.13 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Handy Scanner turns camera pictures into great print-ready PDF documents.

 Handy Scanner Pro is a mobile application that turns pictures into print-ready PDF documents with a beautiful finish.

 Note: You can try Handy Scanner Free to ensure everything works before buying and leveraging the power of the Pro version. If you are a free user, we have a really easy to use data importer so you don't lose anything when migrating!

 Mobile devices are not built for scanning. But we worked hard on our enhancement for documents. This will change the way you scan. Check the screenshots to see it in action!

 We enjoyed building this application from the ground up just for Android, trying to abide as much as we can to the guidelines so that you feel at home.

 You will find familiar patterns such as popunders (try flinging over a sheet) or flinging the document list to access your starred documents. We love using Handy Scanner ourselves and believe you will too.

 NOTE: Our camera component allows you to take multiple photos at a time. We tested in as many devices as we could. If it gives you any problems, you can switch to the system camera in the settings. Shout us an e-mail with your device model if it gives you problems and we will try to add support as fast as possible.

 Scanning a document was never easier:

 - Take a picture (or several), each document can have multiple sheets.

 - We do our best to detect the document inside your picture. Use a contrasting surface to achieve the best result. If our detection is not perfect, fine-tune it to your liking using simple touch movements.

 - Take your pick of filters! Grayscale the picture, enhance its colors or apply our special filter for documents (star icon), it will make backgrounds white so you can print without wasting any ink!

 - Export it!

 We are just starting so we decided to put out the Pro version carrying a heavily discounted price tag. Unlike the free version, you get plenty of features:

 - Unlimited Documents [20 in the free version]

 - Unlimited Sheets per Document [5 in the free version]

 - Unlimited number camera shots in a row [3 in the free version]

 - Access to the highest scan quality [low, medium available for free users]

 - Access to advanced fine-tune controls [contrast, brightness fine-tuning not available for free users]

 - Watermark is removed from PDF files

 - No ads!

 Permissions Explanation:

 - Access Network State, Internet: needed by our Ad provider

 - Camera: We have a great custom camera that allows you to take pictures of multiple documents in one go.

 - Write external storage: This is how we save your documents to the sdcard or internal storage.

 - Read from the Handy Scanner database: To import data from the free version

 What's in this version:


 - Jellybean (Android 4.1) support


Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Battery HD Pro v1.1.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: nstantly know for how long you can use each app.

 This is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet. It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.

 Instantly know how many hours you have left for:

 - Listening to music

 - Watching video

 - Talking on the phone

 - Internet Browsing ( WiFi / Edge / 3G / 4G )

 - Standby

 - Time left to recharge

 - Time to use LED Flashlight

 - 2D and 3D Games

 - Reading books

 - GPS navigation

 - Video chat

 - Taking photos

 - Recording videos

 If you have a new or rare device, please run calibration tests to share your results with the community and make this app even more precise !

 Try it now ! It's simply the best at what it does.

 What's in this version:

 - NEW: graph level chart

 - NEW: online radio time

 - NEW: voice recording time

 - NEW: option to open automatically when connecting to AC or USB

 - Over 224,000 hours of calibration tests have already been shared ! Yes that's the equivalent of one device running for 25 years non-stop.

 THANKS for helping make this app better !


Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Gallery Lock Pro v3.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Overview: Hide your privacy pic/videos.

 Privacy protecting application that hides individual photo/video with password!

 * Feature

 - Manage photo by folder.

 - Supports photos and videos.

 - Easy link to existing gallery application

 - Delicate design

 - pincode,pattern password supports.

 * After checking that the Lite version to work correctly is recommended to purchase.

 * Be care to remove lite version without unhiding all pics/video. If you do that, you will lost pics/video.

 * After purchase, please leave a comment(expect 5star)

 * If app is crashing, so you can't open it, follow below steps to recover it.

 1) Uninstall Gallery Lock

 2) Download Gallery Lock from the market and install it.

 3) Go Setting in the application, Click "Find/Recover Missing files"

 4) missing files will be recovered to /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/recover

 5) run Gallery Lock.


Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Game Releases • Airbag Frank 3D Gold v1.0

Airbag Frank 3D Gold v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Help Frank reach for the stars in this incredibly cute and dazzingly fun game.


Frank always wanted to fly! Help Frank reach for the stars in this incredibly cute and dazzingly fun game.

Launch Frank from his slingshot by dragging back the rubberband and catapult him into space.
Use your arsenal of powerful fruits and jetpacks to help Frank reach new heights.
Along his way Frank will encounter a variety of monsters that might help him to travel further.


Airbag Frank features real 3D rendering that pops up of the screen, all you need is a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses: red/blue, cyan/magenta and yellow/blue are supported.


There are many unique monsters to discover in Airbag Frank. When Frank lands on a crunch, he can
ride on his back for a short time. Or steal the balloon from a skullorm and fly away with it.


Improve your reach by unlocking better slingshots, new fruits, monsters, costumes, jetpacks and more.
There are over 30 items to unlock and buy in the Airbag Frank shop.


The game looks great on all devices but if you're one of the lucky owners of one of the latest devices you can enjoy highly detailed models with realtime shadows and more special effects!


Watch the Airbag Frank 3D trailer on http://www.drahtwerk.biz/AirbagFrank

More Info:

Download Instructions:
http://www.rodfile.com/nb8jd9l6qd1e/Air ... d.apk.html


Statistics: Posted by paiom — Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:34 pm

Game Releases • Balloon Shooter v3.4

Balloon Shooter v3.4
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Balloon Shooter Free - Android Game, now available !
Like the scene of an archer shooting the bird ?
Want to try the bow and get the feeling of launch your arrow to the target ?


Well, you can do it now right on you couch with your phone.
By having the free Balloon Shooter - a 2D game for Android.
It is very realistic with great graphics and sounds.

When playing, touch the left of the bow to engage the arrow. You can drag it as you aiming the balloon. Lift your finger to launch the arrow. Various balloon figures exist. To support this freeware, you can spend 5 coins to buy a new balloon. It is MUCH FUN to have a new balloon, and your arrow will be more powerful and fast. Balloons have different size and speed.
You can have 5 highest scores recorded. There is also a help which you better to look at before you play.
Do not forget to pick up free coins which you need to buy new balloon figures during the game.
BTW, this is an excellent gift for your kids if you have a tablet.
Have fun!

More Info:

Download Instructions:
https://www.rapidshare.com/files/428799 ... oterAd.apk

Mirror :
https://hotfile.com/dl/162842491/0cf36d ... d.apk.html

Statistics: Posted by droidanju — Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:18 pm

Game Releases • Stone Age v1.1.0

Stone Age v1.1.0
Requirements: 1.5 and up
Overview: Stone Age
Life's tough in the Stone Age.


To make things worse our man Sam isn't really known for his smarts, left to his own devices he probably wouldn't last a day! However, although he may be all brawn, fortunately he's got your brain to help him out! And he'll need it too as he's got to find food, make weapons, survive sabertooth tigers, capture wooly mammoths, evade hungry crocs,drive off enemy tribesmen and to top it all off, keep his girlfriend Lucy happy!
So lets get prehistoric and help Sam use his noggin in this crazy point-and-click adventure.

It's a point and click adventure, so the level can only be completed when items and areas are clicked on in the correct order. Correct timing of actions is also required on some levels.

More Info:

Download Instructions:
https://www.rapidshare.com/files/254901 ... oneage.apk

Mirror :
https://hotfile.com/dl/162843703/f4a739 ... e.apk.html

Statistics: Posted by droidanju — Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:43 pm

Paper Camera 3.2c (Android)

Paper Camera 3.2c (Android) .apk

Overview: Real time cartoon and painting effects painted on your camera video feed!! See the world through a new, original, stylish and captivating lens, have a wonder in your own home and discover how cool is now your world in cartoon!

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Market Package Name: com.dama.papercamera

Price: $1.85

73ece37c27 Paper Camera 3.2c (Android)

3b4f5369b6 Paper Camera 3.2c (Android)

This is the ultimate collection of cartoon/sketch/comic book/half tone/noir/neon and many other effects painted directly in your camera, no more boring post-effects, it’s all real time, you simply won’t stop wandering, wherever you are, having a look at things and cartoon-ize them!

We’ve packed this App with many stylish cartoon-style filters, so you would never get bored!

a5ec5a8586 Paper Camera 3.2c (Android)

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Download Paper Camera 3.2c (Android)

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Lucky Patcher 2.0.5 by ChelpuS (Android)

Lucky Patcher 2.0.5 by ChelpuS (Android) - Remove License Verification

Overview: You can use this patcher to break some apps’ Android Market License Verification.

Requirements: Android 1.6, Rooted device

What’s in this version: 2.0.5

Background of SQL Scan optimized

Pattern to Remove License verification added

Translates updated

Thanks to ChelpuS

2a03b10b36 Lucky Patcher 2.0.5 by ChelpuS (Android)

Download Lucky Patcher 2.0.5 by ChelpuS (Android)

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Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android)

Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android) .apk

Overview: Easily the most feature-filled Android-PC remote. Turns your Android device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your Window PC. Control your favorite programs, mouse, and keyboard.

Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD

Market Package Name: Relmtech.RemotePaid

Update Released: July 8, 2012

Price: $3.55

792e85b1c7 Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android)

fbbbf46462 Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android)


* Custom Remotes

* WiFi (TCP/UDP)

* Bluetooth

* Easy server and app setup

* Comprehensive server manager

* Automatic server detection

* Clear connection troubleshooting

* Custom/Android keyboard support

* Single/Multi touch mouse

* Hardware volume control

* Quick Switch using swipe gestures

* Quickly change servers

* Auto-pause media for phone calls

* Homescreen shortcuts to remotes

* Wake On Lan

* Server password protection

* 256-bit AES encryption


* Basic Input

* File Manager

* Keyboard

* Media

* Power

* Slide Show

* Spotify

* Start

* Task Manager

* Window Media Center

* Window Media Player

* VLC (Keyboard)

* YouTube


* Custom Remotes

* Boxee (Keyboard)

* Boxee (Web)

* Chrome

* Firefox

* foobar2000

* Hulu Desktop

* Hulu Web

* Internet Explorer

* iTunes

* J River Media Center

* Monitor

* Media Portal

* MediaMonkey


* Opera

* Pandora

* Picasa

* PowerPoint Advanced

* PowerPoint Basic

* Winamp

* Window Photo Viewer

* VLC (Web)

* XBMC (Keyboard)

* XBMC (Web)

* XBMC Media


* Develop completely custom remotes

* Improvements for tablets

What’s in this version:


* Fixed mouse issues.

* Press and hold repeat.

* Custom remote icons.

6491cba1e5 Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android) b51678a190 Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android)

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Download Unified Remote Full 2.4.3 (Android) – Server included

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Magic Academy: Hidden Castle 1.2 (Android)

Magic Academy: Hidden Castle 1.2 (Android) .apk

Overview: The spellbinding, ancient secrets of the Magic Academy are waiting for you!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Market Package Name: com.nevosoft.magicacademy

Update Released: July 4, 2012

Price: $2.99

d18f44ae0b Magic Academy: Hidden Castle 1.2 (Android)

5c7fb0ff59 Magic Academy: Hidden Castle 1.2 (Android)

Magic Academy is a hidden object game with a mysterious mix of puzzles and adventure! A sorcery detective story, magical items and mystery are woven together to produce an enjoyable mix of charmed seek & find crime adventure and a hidden object story!

Mysterious events have shocked the world of magic! A young student wizard named Annie has disappeared from the fortress of the Higher Academy of Arwindale. Her little sister Irene decided to enroll at the Magic Academy and promised herself to find her sister no matter what. At first glance, it appeared that the friendly wizards of the castle had something hidden. But eventually she realized that only real lords of sorcery could uncover the mystery held by fortress of this higher school of magic.


- Mysterious and magical storyline

- Exciting hidden object tasks from the masters at the Academy’s castle

- Spell lessons and recipes of ancient charmed potions

- Characters of sorcery will show you the secrets of magic

- Charmed fortress locations bring you to the world of wizards and warlocks

Magical puzzles, mystery hidden object tasks, sorcery and the mysticism of the Magic Academy wizards are waiting for you! Act quickly! Magic does not tolerate confusion!

This hidden object adventure puzzle is recommended to all fans of Harry Potter, sorcery, witches, magical items and predictions, spells and seek and find games!

More great adventures are waiting for you!

Below is a partial list of Android devices that this game is compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Evo 4G,Samsung Galaxy Note,

HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Galaxy Mini, HTC Desire, Galaxy Nexus,

DROID RAZR, Samsung Admire, LG Optimus S, Samsung Epic Touch 4G, Samsung Galaxy S Plus, HTC Wildfire, Sanyo Zio, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


ac82b33925 Magic Academy: Hidden Castle 1.2 (Android)

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Download Magic Academy: Hidden Castle 1.2 (Android)

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Caveman’s Prophecy 1.0.5790 (Android)

Caveman’s Prophecy 1.0.5790 (Android) .apk

Overview: Experience an epic and unique adventure into the heart of the first civilization with Timebuilders: Caveman’s Prophecy. Guide your tribe out of its cave and through evolution. Try acquiring new territories and build villages while completing various missions as fast as you can. Use your skills in order to efficiently manage the efforts of your people while building many inventions they will need during their quest. Make sure you keep an eye on dinosaurs, carnivorous plants and saber-toothed tigers that constantly threaten your tribe!

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up

Market Package Name: com.bloobuzz.caveman

Update Released: July 5, 2012


28f99bdc33 Cavemans Prophecy 1.0.5790 (Android)

9f72c25a18 Cavemans Prophecy 1.0.5790 (Android)


•40 challenging puzzles

•Breathtaking graphics

•A fun, unique and original narrative!

•Make your tribe evolve!

•Experience more exciting adventures from the Tibebuilders series with The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising!


  1. Install the APK

  2. Copy ‘com.bloobuzz.caveman’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/Obb’

  3. Launch the Game

20e63224af Cavemans Prophecy 1.0.5790 (Android)

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Download Caveman’s Prophecy 1.0.5790 (Android) APK + SD Fi

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xPhone – Phone &amp; Contacts 2.1 (Android)

xPhone – Phone & Contacts 2.1 (Android) .apk

Overview: xPhone is a fast speed, stylish design, comfort and functionality. Feel the difference!

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Package Name: net.pixelrush

Update Released: July 10, 2012

Price: $3.99

e3d9a90622 xPhone   Phone & Contacts 2.1 (Android)

27b72c40f4 xPhone   Phone & Contacts 2.1 (Android)

Incredibly easy to manage your Contacts and Phone.


• Quick and easy organization of favorite contacts into groups

• Smooth scrolling groups up and down

• Quickly navigate to a group by swiping your finger

• Tap on bottom group indicator to hand pick a group

• Different size of icons and labels to contacts for each group

• Favorite action for contact in one-touch (call, send message, locate address, …)

• The contact card with details and history of calls

• Classic or widescreen background image for groups

• Quick T9 search through all fields of contacts and call history

• Support for multiple languages for T9 search

• Customizable dialpad size (small, medium and large)

• Display the call history (the grouping, missed/all calls …)

• Support dialpad gestures (hide the keyboard, clean filters or undo input)

• Customizable contact list (photos, phone number, organization, …)

• Speed ​​Dial

• Clipboard support

• And much more…

If you have comments or feedback on our app, please send to support@pixelrush.net as there’s no way to reply to comments in the Android Market. Thanks! PixelRush Team

What’s in this version:

If you have any problems, please contact support@pixelrush.net before writing an unfavorable review.

Version 2.1

• Added: Simple contact list (in development…)

• Added: List scrollers

• Added: 12/24-hour time format

• Added: Quick launch application without notification icon

• Added: Highlight missed calls

• Fixed: Clear missed calls notifications

• Fixed: Initialization

• Fixed: Hide application after action

• Fixed: Date of events

• Minor fixes and improvements

70b901e802 xPhone   Phone & Contacts 2.1 (Android) 6dcdfeb5ff xPhone   Phone & Contacts 2.1 (Android)

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Download xPhone – Phone & Contacts 2.1 (Android)

Topandfreedroid.blogspot.com Download Android Market Apps



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