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Installing Applications Through the Android Market

The Android Market is essentially Android’s answer to Apple’s iPhone App Store. As of September 2009, the Android Market already offered well over 10,000 applications, and this number has only continued to grow. In addition to the applications the Android Market offers, you can also use it to install other downloaded third party applications.

  1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
  2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
  3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
  4. Click and install your APK files.

Installing Applications With Android SDK

It is possible to install APK files without utilizing the Android Market, although the process is more difficult and complex. To avoid the Android Market, you need to use Android SDK.

  1. Download and install the Google Android SDK program and the Android USB drivers. The download links are as follows: http://code.google.com/android/intro/installing.html
  2. http://dl.google.com/android/android_usb_windows.zip
  3. You need to modify your Android’s settings to allow the installation of applications from other sources. Under “Settings,” select “Application Settings” and then enable “Unknown Sources.” Also under “Settings,” select “SD Card” and “Phone Storage,” and finally enable “Disable Use for USB Storage”
  4. This last step is easy. Open Command Prompt and type the following: adb install <1>/<2>.apk
  5. However, when you type the command, replace <1> with the path to your APK file and replace <2> with the name of the APK file.
  6. You’re done! Your application is now ready for your use and enjoyment.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

xScope Browser Pro - Web File v7.13 Apk App

Requirements: Android version 4.0 and higher, supports App2SD

Overview: xScope Browser is a fastest way to browse the web and manage files

 All new x7! Updated to 7.13

 Best for Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III, and Nexus 7!

 (xScope 6.5 paid version is FREE at our website)

 Made for ICS and more powerful device.

 Not just another browser. Please read carefully.

 * Meet SwipeNav technology, navigating back and forth by swiping left and right from screen edges. Just like flipping book pages! Forget about the BACK button. One and the only.

 * Zoom with 1 finger (not on JellyBean yet)! PIN ZOOM. First, tap to pin your zoom location; second, tap same spot and drag left or right.

 * Zoom with 2 fingers (multi-touch) or double tap.

 * Darken your page. Save eyesights, and extend battery life of your AMOLED phones!

 * Block the ads! Revolutionary ad-blocking feature saves bandwidth and removes annoying ads!

 * Rename, zip, unzip, delete, copy, paste, and share files and create new folder. xScope is the first browser that seamlessly integrates a fully functional file explorer.

 * Search and copy text

 * True tabs

 * Import google bookmarks

 * Download most videos (mp4), audios (mp3), and documents (pdf, doc...)

 * Upload

 * Support flash content

 V7 was designed and implemented from scratch. Please try every menu options and settings.

 What's in this version:

 Keep RATING us please. Need to keep our motivation high :)


 Fixed scrollbar caused crashing problem!

 Saved your orientation settings

 Added ‘Back’, ‘Forward’ options to control bar (turn them on in Settings)

 Added ‘Clear all’ in clean-up popup

 Clear history = clear navigation history + search history


 You can add more buttons to control bar from settings.

 안녕하세요 (thanks to 김태권!)

 bonjour (thanks to Stéphane Calonnec!)


Download Instructions:


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Screenshot ER PRO v2.3.3.8 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 2.0.1+

Overview: Screenshot ER is a screen capture app for all rooted devices, proven to work where nothing else does. Easy to use and with lots of settings for capture maniacs too!

 This app is a pure screen capture utility and nothing more. You get all the possible capture methods:

 ★ Long press on search button

 ★ Shortcut

 ★ Delay

 ★ Device shake

 ★ Visible or invisible notification icons

 The root daemon is complemented by a powerful suite of options designed to increase ease of use and compatibility across a wide range of devices:

 ★ Interactive thumbnail preview

 ★ Rotate and flip images

 ★ Manage service with widget

 ★ Customize file names

 ★ Dynamic image override

 ★ Disable service when screen is off

 And of course, all the usual options are there - image type, countdown timers, share menu integration, and an editable storage folder.

 What's in this version:

 Added compatibility to android 4.1

 Small bugs fixed from user replies

 Small UI changes

 Fixed activity issue where timer would send to app

 Reworked blank bitmap detection to increase compatibility


Download Instructions:


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Shazam Encore v3.9.4-BB75514 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 and up

Overview: NEW! In-App Music Previews: Instantly listen to clips of music you and your friends have Shazam’d. We’ve also given our Tag Result screen a facelift, making it easier to buy, share and learn more about your music discoveries.

 With Encore you can enjoy unlimited tagging and exclusive features including unlimited tagging, Play in Spotify and Recommendations; as well as all Shazam’s features – identify a track, buy it, check out the video and lyrics, share with friends – and more.

 Lovin’ that tune? Shazam is the quickest and easiest way to discover more about music. Just hold your phone up to the song to identify the track, buy it, check out the videos, get the lyrics, share it with friends – and more!

 Start your music journey and enjoy Shazam to:

 • Unlimited tagging, so don't miss a music moment - tag as often as you like

 • Play in Spotify to listen to full tracks you tagged or discovered from Recommendations and the Shazam Chart

 • If you have the Pandora App create a Station using your tagged music

 • Identify what song is playing and buy the track direct on Amazon

 • Check out your friends tagged music and add tracks straight to your own Tag List

 • Read track and album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, and view song lyrics

 • Tag straight from your home screen with the Shazam Widget and discover what songs Shazamers around the world are identifying with the live Tag Stream feature

 • Browse Shazam’s Tag Chart

 • Share Tags with friends on Facebook and Twitter

 • See tour dates for tagged artists and buy concert tickets

 • Stay tuned to the latest music news and insights with the Shazam Blog

 Lyrics available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

 Pandora is available in US only.

 What's in this version:

 - Shazam with Friends: Share your tags on your Facebook timeline, and instantly see what your friends are tagging.

 - Invite Friends – now an easy way to invite friends to share their discoveries.


Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Game Releases • The Cloud Runner v1.0

The Cloud Runner v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The Cloud Runner is a new jump and run type game.



The game is about a boy who meet an accident and wakes up in fantasy world where he meets a fairy. To impress her and get his life back, he has to set out his journey in new world collecting gems and pearls for her. But the dangerous enemies are on his way to stop him.

- unlock 3 different worlds of game play
- 27 unique and exciting levels
- 18 enemies to conquer
- fun and challenging

More Info:

Download Instructions:


Statistics: Posted by Elit_A — Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:46 pm

Game Releases • Kraut Attack - Defense of the Allied Lines v1.0.4

Kraut Attack - Defense of the Allied Lines v1.0.4
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Play an extraordinary hard strategic tower defense game.

Defend the Allied Lines, while the Germans start their fierce counter attacks. Fight on through the battlefields of World War II, conquering them and taking the fight back to Germany in order to defeat the Krauts once and for all!

Play a strategic tower defense game and provide your units with ammo in time.

We present you a Tower Defense Game in real-time 3D with predefined routes, and therefore different demands on the strategic insertion of your units.

Lets go!

Please try out the free version first to make sure that your device is compatible.

Free Game Features:
-6 Playable Units
-Resupply Function available
-No Advertising

Full Game Features:
-10 Unique Maps
-12 Playable and different unit types
-More new and hard to defeat opponents
-Adds a new, endless game-mode: “Infinity Mode”
-The Germans will gain access to 'V-Weapons' in a desperate attempt to stop your forces.
-No Advertising

More Info:

Download Instructions: Released by Whitecracker


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Game Releases • Petri v1.0

Petri v1.0
Requirements: 2.0.1 +
Overview: Petri is deceptive, ambient, infuriating and soothing, all at the same time...


Venture into the hostile world of a Petri Dish! Part gobble-up and part life simulation, Petri is survival of the fittest on a microscopic level. The game is easy to play, but difficult to master as you guide you microbial soldiers into battle against other hostile dishmates. Your choices, while navigating the dish, are simple. You can choose to split and expand your ranks, expend energy speeding away, or scare off potential threats and competition.

Petri is deceptive, ambient, infuriating and soothing, all at the same time. Tactical warfare on a microbial level! Split, Speed, or Scare..What's a microbe to do?

More Info:

Download Instructions:
http://www.rodfile.com/o8ql5br6vicp/com ... i.apk.html


Statistics: Posted by paiom — Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:32 pm

Game Releases • Race Of Champions FULL v1.2.1

Race Of Champions FULL v1.2.1
Requirements: 2.2
Overview: Welcome to the Race Of Champions (ROC) Official Game.
Grab your chance to race with the greatest champions of car racing in the official game of Race Of Champions event!


In ROC, the thrilling knockout tournament, where the world's greatest drivers battle against each other, you can test your racing skills through a series of head-to-head races in identical cars on a parallel track.

Race of Champions 1.2.0 features:
* Stunning visuals with highly-detailed cars, tracks, garages and racing drivers.
* 6 featured cars from the official race: KTM X-Bow, VW Scirocco, RX-150, Solution F Prototype, ROC Car, VW Polo R, Skoda Fabia S2000, WTR
* 6 recreated tracks from ROC events: London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Bejing featuring tarmac and off-road surfaces.
* 3 unique game modes: Championship. Duel, Time challenge
* Tilted, Tap and Virtual-Steering-Wheel controls
* Numerous camera views, car damage and detailed replay system.

Cracked by Uplink

More Info:

Download Instructions:



OBB Mirror:

* Please do not add mirrors in my releases. Thanks!
* Support developers!!

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Snap Dial 1.06 (Android)

Snap Dial 1.06 (Android) .apk

Overview: Speed dial app with all the convenient features to make it personal.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Market Package ID: com.myrable.snapdial

Update Released: June 24, 2012

Price: $1.37

yLMt.th Snap Dial 1.06 (Android)

625d0771d9 Snap Dial 1.06 (Android)

Contact photo speed dial the right way! Quick, smooth, and logically flowing interface. Arrange contact photos on screen any way you want and clearly see whom you want to call. Options to customize it the way it works best for you.


• Arrange photos by drag & drop

• Add as many as you like on your screen – there is no limit

• Add all phone favourites and contacts with photo at one go by a quick touch of a button

• A clear call screen to avoid accidentally making the wrong call

• Easy and quick dial of all numbers for contacts with more than one phone number stored in

• Swipe left or right for quick access to all phone contacts and call log

• Automatically switch between a day and a night theme – clearly see the content on your screen in the sunlight when the light theme is on

• Customizable photo sizes – adjust the number of speed dial contacts that fit on your screen

• Choose what to do (e.g. open or edit a contact) on touching and holding a speed dial contact

• Show/hide contact names

• Full support for landscape view

What’s in this version:

New option in Preferences menu to set a default action on tapping a contact

Similar apps: speed dial, quick dial, dialer one, mecontacts, phoneface, go contacts, animated widget contact, xphone, dw contacts

Keywords: contacts, speed dial, favorite contacts, photo dial, one touch call, quick dial, frequently called, picture dialer, fast dial, favorites call, contact photo dialer, most contacted people

10266cae20 Snap Dial 1.06 (Android) a4bef63c65 Snap Dial 1.06 (Android)

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Download Snap Dial 1.06 (Android)

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Marble Saga 1.0 AdFree (Android)

Marble Saga 1.0 AdFree (Android) .apk

Overview: Marble Saga is a Zuma Style game. It is simple but really addictive. Your target is to eliminate all the Marbles before the times up and make more Combos and Chains to get the highest score.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Package ID: com.game.MarbleSaga

Update Released: July 12, 2012

Price: AdFree/NoAds Version

UsBIG.th Marble Saga 1.0 AdFree (Android)

ef980adcd2 Marble Saga 1.0 AdFree (Android)

Marble Saga is simple but really addictive game.

How to play:

1. Touch the screen where you want to shoot.

2. Match 3 or more same Marbles to eliminate them.


- By swap the Shooing Marble can eliminate easier.

- Making more Combos to earn more time.


- Easy to play, it is fun for all age players.

- Having 6 special scenes like desert, jungle, sea-bed and so on.

- Having 108 different and challenging levels.

- Bombs, arrow and other interesting props are available.

44b56a8321 Marble Saga 1.0 AdFree (Android) f112a5218d Marble Saga 1.0 AdFree (Android)

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Download Marble Saga 1.0 AdsFree (Android)

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Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0 (Android)

Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0 (Android) .apk


Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Market Package ID: com.rovio.amazingalexHD

Update Released: July 12, 2012

Price: $2.99

nYjLP.th Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0 (Android)

4d1884d09a Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0 (Android)


Meet Amazing Alex! This whiz kid has a boundless imagination and a houseful of fun toys that can turn anything into an adventure!

From cleaning up his room to battling cardboard robots in his backyard, Alex creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done with the maximum amount of fun! Now he has some challenges for you — and he wants to see the most creative solutions YOU can create!

With 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations, there’s a whole world of creations to explore!

96f5720179 Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0 (Android)

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Download Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0 (Android)

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Light Flow – LED Control 3.0.3 (Android)

Light Flow – LED Control 3.0.3 (Android) .apk

Overview: Take control of your notifications. LEDs, vibrations, repeating sounds and more.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Market Update Released: July 12, 2012

Price: $2.30

zdtlv.th Light Flow   LED Control 3.0.3 (Android)

15c7aec7f5 Light Flow   LED Control 3.0.3 (Android)

Jelly bean users. There’s quite a few people reporting problems with accessibility not running, it’s something I’m looking into.

*** If you have problems after upgrading of leds not working, try disable and re-enable the notification in light flow ***

More fixes coming soon. Keep the bug reports coming for 3.0.2

Light Flow allows you to take control of your notification LED colors and makes them successively flash one color after another.

It also allows you to set repeating sounds on vibration patterns for you notifications. You can also set a “sleep” mode or “on charge” where the lights and/or sounds and vibrations will not be heard or seen. If you’ve come from a Blackberry device and miss the features of BeBuzz / BerryBuzz then give LightFlow a try!

This program will allow you to control the notification color for the over 250 applications and system events such as:

* Missed calls

* Voice mail

* Calendar reminders

* gmail

* email

* SMS messages

* MMS messages

* Low battery

* No signal

* Google talk

* Facebook

* Twitter

…and many many more

See our website for a full list of applications supported

It allows the colors to flash in succession, so if you have a new SMS and a missed call it can alternate between the two colors. You can also set which notification type has the highest priority and let it flash in just that one color.

There’s different profiles for when your phone is charging and when it is running on battery. If you find it eats your battery too much for your liking then you can change settings to conserve the battery use.

Known issues/Limitations

Not all phones support all colors.

For example: Most HTC phones only support 3 colors and require “Rooting” and running the app in “direct mode”

Some phones can only light up the notification while the screen is off.

Some phones cannot have their notification light always on

Some phones cannot have their notification blink and it will always be on

Note that it will take over control of your notifications and you will therefore only get notifications for categories that the app allows.

★ We recommend you try the “lite” version first before purchasing to avoid any disappointment if it doesn’t work for you. Some phones require root privileges to access the LEDs. ★

★ For the differences between this version and the lite version ★

★ If after updating you have problems we recommend you reboot your phone ★

** Most HTC phones require “direct mode” setting. Most gingerbread builds for HTC phones require root access due to HTC changing the permissions on the LED control files. **

** If upgrading from the “lite” version, please uninstall the lite version first but you can backup and restore settings between versions **

What’s in this version:

Version 3.0.3

NOTE: Jelly Bean and Galaxy S3 US version are NOT in this release,but they are both been worked on.

Added persistent icon option for those where the app doesn’t always start up and stay running

Fix yahoo mail notification

Fix sms messages where the incoming address is an email

Fix several force closes

Fix exDialler notifications

Fix for ICS motorola messaging app

Improvements to notification sound playing so long running notification sounds are get cancelled

21 new apps supported

0d59e15994 Light Flow   LED Control 3.0.3 (Android) c7cdb2ffe7 Light Flow   LED Control 3.0.3 (Android)

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Download Light Flow – LED Control 3.0.3 (Android)

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WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android)

WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android) .apk

Overview: WiFi File Transfer is a light-weight web server that lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection. Transfer files without a USB cable.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: July 10, 2012

Price: $1.21

oVAx7.th WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android)

Upload and download files to/from your phone over a wireless connection.


• Upload or download multiple files at once

• Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files

• Compatible with all modern operating systems that provide a web browser (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)

• Password authentication (optional)

• Shortcuts to photo, video and music directories

• Runs as a background service

• View photos directly in your web browser


• In order to use this app, your computer and your phone need to be on the same local area network.

• If you would like to use this app on public WiFi networks, please make sure to set an access password in the app settings.


• This paid version allows you to upload files of any size while the free version is limited to 4 MB per file.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions

Please keep in mind that if you post a review, we have no way of contacting you. If you’re having a problem with the app, send us an email. We can’t provide help or fix a bug if we can’t communicate with you.

What’s in this version:

Version 1.0.3:

-Minor bug fix

Version 1.0.2:

-Fewer permissions needed icon smile WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android)

-Now works while in hotspot mode (experimental)

-Better speeds on some ICS devices

-Can now select blocks of files by using Shift key

-Added Delete hot key

-Added Logout link

-Restored rounded corners in Firefox

-More languages

25382a935e WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android) 19c8556575 WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android)

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Download WiFi File Transfer Pro 1.0.3 (Android)

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War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android)

War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android) .apk

Overview: The magic of Hollywood mixed with the magic of the Gameprom 3D Engine to provide the best pinball action currently available for Amazon Kindle.

Requirements: Android 1.0 and up

Market Update Released: July 10, 2012

Price: $2.99

c7nIa.th War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android)

3911967231 War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android)

The amazing new War Pinball HD, developed in collaboration with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Three unique, war-themed pinball tables based on all-time Hollywood hits:

– The four-time Oscar winner “Platoon” (directed by Oliver Stone,

starring Charlie Sheen as Chris)

– “Navy Seals” (directed by Lewis Teague, starring Charlie Sheen as Dale Hawkins,

Michael Biehn as James Curran)

– “Missing in Action” (directed by Joseph Zito, starring Chuck Norris as James Braddock)


✔ gameplay with a missions system

✔ awesome 3D cinematic graphics

✔ a unique soundtrack and voices from the movies

✔ camera effects with different types of view

✔ local and online leaderboards

✔ hours and hours of pure action in your very own hands

Take a deep breath… and get it right now!

ff0b07cb46 War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android) 0230480058 War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android)

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Download War Pinball HD 1.0 (Android)

Topandfreedroid.blogspot.com Download Android Market Apps