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Installing Applications Through the Android Market

The Android Market is essentially Android’s answer to Apple’s iPhone App Store. As of September 2009, the Android Market already offered well over 10,000 applications, and this number has only continued to grow. In addition to the applications the Android Market offers, you can also use it to install other downloaded third party applications.

  1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
  2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
  3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
  4. Click and install your APK files.

Installing Applications With Android SDK

It is possible to install APK files without utilizing the Android Market, although the process is more difficult and complex. To avoid the Android Market, you need to use Android SDK.

  1. Download and install the Google Android SDK program and the Android USB drivers. The download links are as follows: http://code.google.com/android/intro/installing.html
  2. http://dl.google.com/android/android_usb_windows.zip
  3. You need to modify your Android’s settings to allow the installation of applications from other sources. Under “Settings,” select “Application Settings” and then enable “Unknown Sources.” Also under “Settings,” select “SD Card” and “Phone Storage,” and finally enable “Disable Use for USB Storage”
  4. This last step is easy. Open Command Prompt and type the following: adb install <1>/<2>.apk
  5. However, when you type the command, replace <1> with the path to your APK file and replace <2> with the name of the APK file.
  6. You’re done! Your application is now ready for your use and enjoyment.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Game Releases • Turbo Kids v1.0.5 Mod (Free Shopping)

Turbo Kids v1.0.5 Mod (Free Shopping)
Requirements: 2.0 and up
Overview: Partake in the crazy Turbo Kids tournament and win the ultimate prizes!
An amazing journey full of fantasy and excitement! Turbo Kids are competing outdoors to win ultimate prize. Join in the tournament to see what Turbo Kids can bring you!

# Tap to jump and shoot bullets
# Different stages for four seasons
# Tournament: Regular, Relay, Timing, Chase
# Shoot Ice bullet to freeze opponents
# Shoot Exchange bullet to change position with opponent instantly
# Shoot Trap bullet to trap opponent
Learn different kinds of skill, unlock items and achievements, to be the real Turbo Kids!

This game has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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Mantano Ebook Reader Premium 2.2.8 (Android)

Mantano Ebook Reader Premium 2.2.8 (Android)

Overview: Fast and feature-packed ebook reader to get the most of your reading everywhereand up

Requirements: Android OS 2.1

Market Update Released: September 27, 2012

Price: $8.98

R1H9q Mantano Ebook Reader Premium 2.2.8 (Android) unnamelel zps90ad92c2 Mantano Ebook Reader Premium 2.2.8 (Android)

Read, annotate, listen to any EPUB or PDF ebook with the most powerful Android ebook reader compatible with the Adobe DRM.

This ebook reader provides unprecedented flexibility, speed and reading comfort. It is a robust and well supported ebook reader for eager readers, students and professionals: download thousands of ebooks from famous OPDS catalogs such as the Internet Archive or add your own OPDS catalogs, highlight and annotate excerpts, share quotes and annotations with friends, revise your lessons, prepare reports, make bibliographical research or annotate contracts, lookup words in local and remote dictionaries, go on reading while running thanks to the text-to-speech function…

Subscribe to Mantano Cloud and:

- Switch between your phone and tablet and always find your books, annotations, notes, reading positions along with you

- Transform your books and documents into digital reading circles by sharing annotations and learn from others’ experience.

Optimized for ICS, Honeycomb tablets and smartphones!

Note: due to a known issue in Android 4.1, application updates sometimes fail. Please uninstall and reinstall the application.

- “Best on the market. I’ve tried every ereader app on the market and this is by far the fastest, most feature rich one. Very well done, you’re head and shoulders above the competition.”

- “Excellent. Bought several readers and found this to be the best, a keeper! Excellent and feature rich.”

- “Great developer support!”


Ebook Reader

- Advanced support of PDF: Fast scroll, Pan & Zoom, double-click for 1 column display

- Flexible EPUB display, with optional page curl and book background

- Customize the display of EPUB documents thanks to Themes: default font, line height, colors, etc. Create your custom themes

- Support of Adobe DRM, including the management of ID and password protected files

- Night mode

- Text to speech: listen to a book, a page or a text selection

- Create text and freehand notes, attached to a page, to a highlight, or standalone

- Browse the table of contents thanks to a familiar expandable tree structure

- Quickly access your annotations, highlights and bookmarks.

- Lookup words in a dictionary to choose from a list (local or online dictionaries)


- Organize your books in collections

- Display your library according to different view modes: compact list, detailed list and thumbnail view

- Detailed book information (long press)

- Tag your books and manage your tag (when typing a tag name, auto-completion avoids redundant tags)

- Filter by collection, author, tags, publisher, formats…

- Sort by title, author, date on which it was added, last access date

- Search a book by typing a part of its title, tags or of the author’s name

Notes Manager (Premium version only)

- Organize your notes like your books

- Search a note by typing a part of its title and text content

- Create “Review Sheets” from a selection of notes

- Go directly to a page of the book from the note

OPDS Catalogs Explorer

- Search for new books in several predefined online catalogs

- Add your own OPDS catalogs

- Directly open a downloaded book in the ebook reader

- Filter by catalog and category

- Full-text book search

Supported platforms:

- Android 2.1 up to 3.x Honeycomb

Other ebook reader applications:

- Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Kobo

- Not Supporting Adobe DRM: Adobe Reader, RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, ezPDF.

Books, eBooks, Book Reader, eBook Reader, Dictionary, Lexicon, Library, Bookstore, OPDS, TTS.

What’s New in Mantano Ebook Reader Premium version 2.2.8:

- Action bar removed when confusing: When selecting items in lists, the available actions are now visible in the toolbar at the bottom.

– Fixed : Exit via the back button on some devices

- BookReader

– Fixed: Deleting a note attached to a highlight

yxzuffp3zq zps62e949a7 Mantano Ebook Reader Premium 2.2.8 (Android)

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Download Mantano Ebook Reader Premium 2.2.8 (Android)

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1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android)

1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android)

Overview: 1Tap Eraser is a one-click clean up for your phone. Erase your footprints, clean up garbage

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: September 27, 2012

Price: $1.91

Abm 1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android) zvwyy zps70bf3423 1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android)

☆ App cache

☆ Call logs/ call history


☆ Browser history

☆ Picture albums/items (PRO)

☆ SD Card (highlight caches of uninstalled apps – PRO)

☆ Other search history

4 eraser mode

☆ Automatic eraser

☆ On-the-fly eraser (PRO)

☆ 1-click eraser

☆ 1-click widget eraser

☆ Erase per history type

Two configurations

☆ Blacklist vs whitelist contacts

☆ Blacklist vs whitelist URLs

Supported languages

☆ English

☆ Español

☆ ελληνικά

☆ Deutsch

☆ Français

☆ čeština

☆ Português

☆ Pу́сский

☆ Tiếng Việt

☆ Other languages will be available soon

How 1tap Eraser works?

1Tap Eraser brings a new way to clean up your phone: blacklist vs whitelist & manually vs automatically.

Blacklist vs whitelist mode help you to define which data you want to clean or which one to be retained.

While manual erasing is the most useful tool, you can clean in a very fine grain: data item (says a missed call or an URL from browser history). It’s yet simple to interact with data items and opt-in/out via blacklist/whitelist.

Automatic erasing is another cool stub, ex. I want to delete browser history at 5PM every day. Once you set, you phone will be cleaned up at the desired time (with desired items)

How to work 1tap Eraser?

Your data is important. We know. We recommend that you should setup blacklist/whitelist before starting erasing your data. Please pay attention at the confirmation dialog before press “Continue” button (no roll back at this point!)

☆ Select data item to be eraser and tap on “Eraser” to erase selected data.

☆ Setup auto-erasing (starting time, frequency, data item to be erased)

☆ Widget erasing: option to clean up from homescreen widget

☆ Other settings:

– Blacklist/whitelist browser

– Blacklist/whitelist contacts

history eraser, cleaner, clean up, call logs, 1tap, 1click

What’s New in 1Tap Eraser Pro version 1.0.2:

- Fixed licensing issue

mgvdiqqclf zpscda8f308 1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android) fzzxu3jqyf zpsfa15ea49 1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android)

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Download 1Tap Eraser Pro 1.0.2 (Android)

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System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

Overview: The most complete Android tuner and manager for all your phones and tablets!

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 and up

Market Update Released: September 28, 2012

Price: $3.89

b7sjD System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) 3EFiT System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)


The most complete Android system suite: monitor and record all activities, backup and restore *any* applications, extended task killer, CPU SD and memory controls, logcat reader, terminal emulator, widgets and notifications, all in one highly optimized app!

WARNING: System Tuner Pro Requires WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS permissions to record phone states. App checked with Privacy Inspector!

By far the lowest consumption monitoring app! Check web-site for app consumption!

You can add shortcuts to your home screen for any of the below features/screens!

System Tuner Pro

Task Manager: (can be set as main UI, see options)

- Filter user/system/kernel processes and exclusion list

- Shows cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage

- Sort processes by cpu times, start time, memory or by name

- Kill non manually excluded apps automatically

- Shows detailed information about running apps and processes

- Open app system settings

- Read app logcat

- Manually kill running apps

CPU Manager (rooted phones):

- Tweak CPU governor + frequencies during screen-off, on-call

- Tweak CPU voltage (when available on custom Kernel)

- Set CPU settings on boot

- Uses OC/deamon when available and can disable it

Extended Task Killer

- Kill non-excluded apps automatically or manually

- Kill apps during screen-on, screen-off or when widget refreshes

- Manually exclude or include apps

- All system apps are excluded by default

- Manually kill kernel processes (root)

- Display memory and SD details (RAM & internal)

Application Manager without root:

- Backup/restore/uninstall user apps, only APKs are backed-up

- Launch and read app logcat

Application Manager with root:

- Freeze/unfreeze apps

- Remove app from boot, enabled/disabled any app events

- Backup/restore/uninstall any apps and settings, including system apps

- Launch and read app logcat (disabled on JellyBean)

- Display application data and cache usage

- Sort application by name, data usage or cache usage

- Move any apps to/from system/user/SD space

- Clear caches or dalvik cache (must reboot after)

Activity Recorder:

- Record (optionally at boot) activities in the background

- Record all apps or all processes

- Record phone states (screen, wifi, bluetooth, gps, mobile data, signal)

- Import Battery Monitor Widget Pro data for detailed analysis!

- Allows analyzing past recordings without limits

Logcat Reader:

- Display log(cat) for all/one process

- Filter logcat by message levels

- Filter logcat based on user-defined text

- Save logcat to file

- Clear existing logcat (root)

Terminal Emulator:

- Keeps history of previously used Linux commands

- Save output to file

- Run pre-existing scripts

- Run commands as Super User (root)

System Tweaker (root):

- build.prop and sysctl editors

- Tweak SD cache size to boost performance

- Tweak IO scheduler to boost performance

- App booster on boot (APK alignement + DB cleanup)

- Tweak Android auto-kill memory settings

- Uses Linux init.d script when available


- Show cpu load, frequency, governor, free/used memory (flash/internal/sd)

- Show most information (cpu, memory, internal, SD)

- Optionally shows a configurable graphic time-line

- Provided as external packages, many available for white/black notification backgrounds


- Many different widget backgrounds: HTC Sense 2 or 3, Google, Glassy half, ICS or fully transparent.

- Show cpu load, frequency, governor, free/used memory (flash/internal/sd), process count using text or 2 side levels.

- Starts 2 different actions by clicking on the icon or label, including:

. Start/stop recording process activity

. Kill all non-excluded processes

. Refresh

. Start any app activities

. Open settings

KW: advanced task killer system panel backup restore record atk manager analysis logcat cpu memory sdcard sd su root auto kill governor frequency frequencies terminal analyzer apps android system tweak

What’s in System Tuner Pro version 2.5.2:

  • Remove now obsolete JB Logcat system app (hourra!)

  • Fix system restored app permissions

S6nhA.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) Xs1n.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) OXFh.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) JOwLA.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

b4lQN.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) RfV6M.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) pzGbs.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android) ISvGM.th System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

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Download System Tuner Pro 2.5.2 (Android)

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iCircuit 1.5 (Android)

iCircuit 1.5 (Android)

Overview: iCircuit is a fun and educational app for designing and experimenting with circuits.

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: September 17, 2012

Price: $2.99

jtWxr iCircuit 1.5 (Android) xutes zps8ed68f77 iCircuit 1.5 (Android)

Its advanced simulation engine can handle both analog and digital circuits and features realtime always-on analysis. It is the perfect companion to students, hobbyists, and engineers.

You use it as you would any CAD program: you add elements, connect them together, and set their properties.

But iCircuit is unlike other CAD programs because it is always simulating. It’s just like working with the real circuit. You do not stop to take a measurement or spend a lot of time configuring reports. Instead, you just play with the circuit as you normally would, with the power on!

There are over 30 elements you can use to build your circuits. The app has everything from simple resistors, to switches, to MOSFETS, to digital gates.

The app features a multimeter that you use to probe around the circuit to instantly read voltages and currents. If you want to see how a value changes over time, then you can add values to the built-in oscilloscope. The scope can simultaneously track many signals over time and features a touch interface to control the total time displayed and stacked and unstacked modes to easily compare signals.

Supported elements include:

* Signal generators, Voltage sources, Current sources, and Dependent sources

* Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors

* Manual SPST/SPDT Switches, Push buttons, and Relays

* Diodes, BJ Transistors, and MOSFETs

* Speakers, Microphones, Buzzers, DC Motors, and LEDs

* ADCs, and DACs

* Logic gates: AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR

* JK and D Flip-flops

* 37 7400 series digital parts

* 7-segment display and driver

No matter your profession, we’re sure you’ll be amazed by iCircuit!

What’s New in iCircuit version 1.5:

  • New for Android

pz1zygfmln zps2d7506af iCircuit 1.5 (Android) y1xrvuk5sg zpsd270c1eb iCircuit 1.5 (Android)

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Download iCircuit 1.5 (Android)

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Spirits 1.1.2 (Android)

Spirits 1.1.2 (Android)

Overview: Guide the Spirits to their goal in an ethereally beautiful natural world.

Requirements: Android OS 2.2 and up

Market Update Released: September 28, 2012

Price: $3.01

fg9t Spirits 1.1.2 (Android) o8ENv Spirits 1.1.2 (Android)

“Art so beautiful it could have been lifted from a Miyazaki movie.” –WIRED

Autumn is coming. Leaves fall, and spirits rise from the fallen leaves to begin their journey home. You must guide them, without direct control, by changing how the wind blows or by rebuilding the ground. Each spirit can be sacrificed to perform one of four actions – build a bridge of leaves, create a blowing cloud, dig tunnels, or block wind currents in an area. Use your actions wisely or you will run out of spirits. In each level it’s up to you to find your own creative solution on how to get the spirits to the goal.

★★★★★ AWARDS ★★★★★

Winner of the IndieCade “Best Aesthetics” Award, Culver City, California, USA – 2010

IGF 2011: Best Mobile Game – Honorable mention

Sense of Wonder Night Selection at Tokyo Game Show, Japan – 2010

Gamasutra’s Best Of 2010: Top 5 iOS Games – Honorable mention

What’s in Spirits version 1.1.2:

  • Removed third-party library that occasionally reported an error to the user


NEW FAST-FORWARD FEATURE! Hold the bottom left corner of the screen to fast-forward your Spirits on their way to the spiral. You asked – we listened!

2KqZF Spirits 1.1.2 (Android) C9ciL Spirits 1.1.2 (Android)

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Download Spirits 1.1.2 (Android)

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Jaws Revenge 1.6.0 (Android)

Jaws Revenge 1.6.0 (Android)

Overview: BE THE SHARK! Become the most feared great white shark of all time!

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: September 28, 2012

ROkSY Jaws Revenge 1.6.0 (Android) gotur zpsb2aa4a27 Jaws Revenge 1.6.0 (Android)

In Jaws Revenge you play the part of the hungry man-eater shark that terrorized Amity Island in the blockbuster movie. Only this time, you are out for revenge! Dish out payback to swimmers, sunbathers, seagulls, windsurfers, boats and more!


➤ Four worlds, 40 levels!

➤ One-touch action! Play anywhere, anytime!

➤ Great white fury! Upgrade your shark – bigger teeth, tougher skin, and more! Go for the ultimate upgrade and be MEGA SHARK!

➤ Frenzy for ultimate feeding!

➤ Collect coins and license plates!

What’s New in Jaws Revenge version 1.6.0:

  • No recent changes.

l2suswdhju zpsbf56ddeb Jaws Revenge 1.6.0 (Android)

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Download Jaws Revenge 1.6.0 (Android)

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Game Releases • Jaws™ Revenge v1.6.0

Jaws™ Revenge v1.6.0
Requirements: Android
Overview: BE THE SHAK! Become the most feared great white shark of all time!
In Jaws™ Revenge you play t+he part of the hungry man-eater shark that terrorized Amity Island in the blockbuster movie. Only this time, you are out for revenge! Dish out payback to swimmers, sunbathers, seagulls, windsurfers, boats and more!

➤ Four worlds, 40 levels!
➤ One-touch action! Play anywhere, anytime!
➤ Great white fury! Upgrade your shark - bigger teeth, tougher skin, and more! Go for the ultimate upgrade and be MEGA SHARK!
➤ Frenzy for ultimate feeding!
➤ Collect coins and license plates!

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

Statistics: Posted by opsss — Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:21 pm

Game Releases • Beastie Bay v1.0.0

Beastie Bay v1.0.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Experience a beast of an island adventure FREE!

Washed ashore a desolate island and surrounded by savage beasts, can you thrive...or merely survive?

Blaze trails into unknown territory...and then make it your own! Plant crops, build housing and power sources, and transform the island into your own personal paradise. As you progress, you'll be able to develop new gear and technology to take your adventure to the next level, including ways to travel to unexplored islands nearby!

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

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Game Releases • Drift Mania Championship 2 v1.0

Drift Mania Championship 2 v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: With millions of players worldwide, the #1 Drift game is finally back!

With over 10 million players worldwide, the #1 Drift game on the App Store is finally back! Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift experience with its highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics.

Start a drift career, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer mode. Upgrade and fully customize your ride with performance upgrades and visual mods. Complete over 60 achievements in career mode. Challenge drivers from all over the world using the global leaderboards.

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

Obb : sdcard/Android/obb/com.ratrodstudio.driftmania2

Mirrors :

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Game Releases • Subway Surfers v1.0.1 (Free Shopping)

Subway Surfers v1.0.1 (Free Shopping)
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: OIN the world famous chase.
Help Jake escape from the grumpy Inspector!
DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!
Image Image
Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull dog.
★ Grind trains with your cool crew!
★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
★ Hoverboard Surfing!
★ Paint powered jetpack!
★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
★ Challenge and help your friends!
Join the most daring chase!
An Universal App with hd optimized graphics.
By Kiloo Games and Sybo Games

We've implemented an exit-button due to popular demand.
JOIN the world famous chase.
Help Jake escape from the grumpy Inspector!

Released by -Market Militia-

This game has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


Statistics: Posted by Normad21 — Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:27 pm

Game Releases • Air Navy Fighters v1.1

Air Navy Fighters v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Advanced Mobile Aircraft Fighter Flight Simulator.
Air Navy Fighters, powered by RORTOS flight engine - F18 Carrier Landing, let you dive into a new flight dimension.

With your super detailed F/A-18 Super Hornet, F-14 Tomcat or C-2A Greyhound you will involved in ground attacks, navy landing operations and search and rescue missions.
Disengage your jet from enemy SAM missiles, avoid radars, select your favorite weapons and destroy warships, shoot choppers and try always-new free scenarios from online community.

New revolutionary scenario builder: build your terrain within your mobile device, design your missions adding objects and targets, play your own and publish to share worldwide.

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

Statistics: Posted by opsss — Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:38 pm

Game Releases • RC Mini Racers v1.1

RC Mini Racers v1.1
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Explosive Backyard R/C Mini Racing
RC Mini Racers is a fast paced and explosive racing game with 22 remote controlled mini cars, lots of missiles and mines, turbos for an extra boost as well as great hard rock music.

The car pimp shop lets you customize you RC car by changing the color, the wheels and the antenna.

The game features 32 tracks separated in circuit races (round tracks with 5 laps) and sprint races (A to B races, no rules, as fast as possible). Beside that there’s a coin racing mode where you can explore the level and collect coins for the in-game store.

RC Mini Racers has a great mixture of tracks where you need your weapons to win the race by shooting and bombing your opponents from the track but also fantastic high speed tracks where it is mostly down to great driving skills to win the race. Find out yourself which tracks you like most!

For nearly every action during a race you get in-game cash rewarded. You get cash for crashing other cars, explosions caused by missiles and mines that affect other cars, for jumping over epic ramps and getting airtime cash, for driving best laps and best race times as well as for winning the top spot ranks in a race. Use that in-game cash to unlock other tracks or convert them to coins for use in the car pimp shop.

All tracks can be raced in 4 difficulty modes ranging from easy to medium over to hard and finally the insane mode. Hours of fun guaranteed until you unlocked all tracks in all difficulty modes!

Still reading? What are you waiting for? Get the game and start your engine!

This game has advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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Bad Piggies HD 1.0.0 (Android)

Bad Piggies HD 1.0.0 (Android)

Overview: Get ready to see pigs fly!

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: September 27, 2012

DRjbG Bad Piggies HD 1.0.0 (Android) x7yp0jihrh zpsd4c175b0 Bad Piggies HD 1.0.0 (Android)

From the creators of Angry Birds: an all new game from the PIGS’ point of view!

Create the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs!

The Bad Piggies are after the eggs again — but as usual, nothing is going according to plan! Can you create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination? Those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use, but they need your help to turn these into the perfect transportation!

With more than 60 levels, and free updates coming up, you have hours and hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun! Get three stars on every level to unlock 30 more puzzles! HINT: Sometimes you need to play the level several times to achieve all the objectives — try building a new device or steering in a different way to earn all the stars!

Bad Piggies HD Features

● 60 levels crammed with flying/driving/crashing fun!

● 30 additional puzzles unlocked by three-starring levels!

● Free updates!

● 4 sandbox levels to stretch your creativity!

● Ultra-special, ultra-secret, ultra-difficult sandbox level to unlock by collecting all the skulls!

● 33 objects to create the ultimate machine: motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons, and much more!

Mechanic Pig

● Need help? This little piggy will build it for you!

● Mechanic pig pre-assembles transport for you!

● All you have to do is pilot it!

● Tweak his design to get all three stars!

Get ready to see pigs fly!

What’s New in Bad Piggies HD version 1.0.0:

  • Initial Release

yaenkwbjzu zps7f9ca4d9 Bad Piggies HD 1.0.0 (Android)

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Download Bad Piggies HD 1.0.0 (Android)

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Download Bad Piggies 1.0.0 (NON HD)

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Virtuous Widgets 1.0.2 (Android)

Virtuous Widgets 1.0.2 (Android)

Overview: Virtuous Widgets is the world’s first custom Sense 4 lockscreen. Based on the HTC SDK, Virtuous Widgets adds much needed functionality to the stock Sense 4.x lockscreen.

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: September 20, 2012

Price: $1.99

wyrMc Virtuous Widgets 1.0.2 (Android) bnoep zps67d5c4b8 Virtuous Widgets 1.0.2 (Android)


This app was developed for *stock* devices. If you are running a custom ROM you might encounter issues.

We can’t fix that. Please ask your ROM chef to fix it.

Please do *NOT* give us a bad rating because your custom ROM does not support this. It’s not our fault…


This app *ONLY* works on devices which run ROMs (firmware) with full Sense 4.x.

This app does *NOT* work on any non-Sense 4.x ROMs.

If you are running CyanogenMod, AOKP, MIUI or any other AOSP derived ROM, this app will *NOT* work.

This app will *NOT* work on devices with Sense 4.0a (like the HTC One V or any ports of the One V ROM).

Again: Only devices with a Sense 4.x based ROM will work.

Please *START* the app after installing and follow on-screen instructions!

Virtuous Team brings you the ability to use normal widgets on your lockscreen. You can add widgets and shortcuts to give your lockscreen a very personal look & feel.

Unleash your creativity and create awesome lockscreens in every way you want.

You don’t need root or an unlocked bootloader to enjoy the new possibilities. The app works fine on stock phones.

If something doesn’t work as expected, please feel free to contact us via email, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that we can’t answer any comments here, so a bad rating won’t get you any answers.

***Important notes***

Please *START* the app after installing and follow on-screen instructions!

Since HTC uses a proprietary format for all their own widgets you won’t be able to use them on the lockscreen. However, all ‘normal’ Android widgets work fine.

Due to some limitations in the HTC SDK we can’t unlock the screen if you touch a widget that starts an app. (for example GMail)

You’ll have to manually unlock the screen afterwards.

What’s New in Virtuous Widgets version 1.0.2:

  • fixed russian translation

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Download Virtuous Widgets 1.0.2 (Android)

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All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android)

All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android)

Overview: Catalog all your movies collection with a few taps.

Requirements: Android OS 2.2 and up

Market Update Released: September 28, 2012

Price: $1.27

4Zq9b All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android) vrf1H All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android)

Do you own a lot of movies? Do you have trouble keeping track of all your movies?

All My Movies for Android allows you to catalog your entire movie collection with a few taps.

All My Movies

Important Notice! This application is for managing a movie collection. Is not possible download or watch movies.

The title search using archive supplied by TMDb. themoviedb (Tmdb) is a free and open movie database. It is completely open and is led by people like you. And ‘now used by millions of people every month, is also used by the centers of the world’s most popular media. This application interacts with this database to retrieve information about the movie. We invite you to collaborate themoviedb. In seconds you can add any information relevant to a movie.

You can evaluate the application by downloading All My Movies Free for Android. Is an identical version, available for free, but limited to 30 titles. Free version contains Ads.

With All My Movies for Android you can keep track of movies you have, you have owned or lent or movies you wish to buy, than those already seen, or you want to see. Never again will you have to buy or rent a movie twice.

If you buy PRO application can easily retrieve the titles included in the FREE. In FREE App make a database backup, in PRO App go to settings and tap restore the db from the FREE version.

For any problem or suggestion, please contact us. We are unable to help you if you leave a comment in the market. Please help us improve. The quality and stability of the app is our top priority. We will happily help you for any problem.

All My Movies Features:

- Add movie by title search or barcode search.

- Add movie by cast member search.

- Add movie manually.

- Manage different categories (Owned, wished…).

- Customize with location, notes, evaluation and more.

- View details with synopsis, full cast list, and much more.

- Display the poster magnified high definition.

- Link to IMDB site, or if owned directly interacts with IMDB application.

- Link to TMDB site.

- Link to WIKIPEDIA site in cast management.

- Watch trailers.

- Loan titles to your friends and keep track. You can also select from the contacts. With a few taps you can call or send a text message or an email to your contact to remind him to give back the movie. And plus you can also put a reminder on your calendar. The application will remember your loaned movies.

- Quick search of your movies and other sort.

- Integration with social networking applications on your device (Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc.).

- Shake to random select based on the filters applied.

- Create backups of your movie collection or restore previous backups.

- Export your movie collection to Excel

- Management of the cast with photos, biography and filmography.

- Section with released recently and recommended movies.

- And much more!

The application is optimized for phones but not for tablet.

What’s in All My Movies version 2.4.4:

  • The tab “Last Suggested” now has become “Suggested”. Inside there are now three subcategories: Box Office, Most Popular, Top Rated

  • Performance optimizations

erE7F.th All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android) zwn0.th All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android)

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Download All My Movies 2.4.4 (Android)

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PicSay Pro – Photo Editor (Android)

PicSay Pro – Photo Editor (Android)

Overview: Award winning photo editor with all the tools you need to spice up your pictures. Spice up the pictures on your phone with this award winning photo editor!

Requirements: Android OS 1.5 and up

Market Update Released: September 28, 2012

Price: $0.25

8nfCm PicSay Pro   Photo Editor (Android) 5mtjd zps96920b7e PicSay Pro   Photo Editor (Android)

Sharpen, remove red eye, crop & straighten, distort, insert cutouts of other pictures, paint, make color splash out of black-and-white pictures, add text, word balloons, apply effects like Cross Process, Lomo, Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch, and much more.

Includes support for Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, and others.

Supports pressure-sensitive drawing with a pen for devices like the HTC Jetstream

Please Email if you have any issues using Send Email below!

What’s New in PicSay Pro – Photo Editor version

- Small update to fix bugs and to make app compatible with Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

myereoyhy zpsd819a458 PicSay Pro   Photo Editor (Android) sagzavmqkw zps41bedc9a PicSay Pro   Photo Editor (Android)

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Download PicSay Pro – Photo Editor (Android)

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