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Installing Applications Through the Android Market

The Android Market is essentially Android’s answer to Apple’s iPhone App Store. As of September 2009, the Android Market already offered well over 10,000 applications, and this number has only continued to grow. In addition to the applications the Android Market offers, you can also use it to install other downloaded third party applications.

  1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.
  2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market
  3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.
  4. Click and install your APK files.

Installing Applications With Android SDK

It is possible to install APK files without utilizing the Android Market, although the process is more difficult and complex. To avoid the Android Market, you need to use Android SDK.

  1. Download and install the Google Android SDK program and the Android USB drivers. The download links are as follows: http://code.google.com/android/intro/installing.html
  2. http://dl.google.com/android/android_usb_windows.zip
  3. You need to modify your Android’s settings to allow the installation of applications from other sources. Under “Settings,” select “Application Settings” and then enable “Unknown Sources.” Also under “Settings,” select “SD Card” and “Phone Storage,” and finally enable “Disable Use for USB Storage”
  4. This last step is easy. Open Command Prompt and type the following: adb install <1>/<2>.apk
  5. However, when you type the command, replace <1> with the path to your APK file and replace <2> with the name of the APK file.
  6. You’re done! Your application is now ready for your use and enjoyment.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

BusyBox Pro v9.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher

Overview: The fastest, most trusted, and most popular BusyBox installer and uninstaller! Over 2 million installs! Winner of best Utility Software award for Android via Handster. This is the ONLY Installer on the market that will allow you to remove Busybox (If supported on your phone) AND the only open sourced installer!

 Source: https://code.google.com/p/busybox-android/

 Featured on the BusyBox website at: http://busybox.net/products.html

 The BusyBox source code can be found here: http://git.busybox.net/busybox/

 A must have for any rooted phone! Almost EVERY rooted applications needs BusyBox to perform their magic, if you have a rooted phone then you need BusyBox.

 Pro version contains no ads or nag screens, uninstall feature, custom tune feature, the ability to hand pick the applets you want, safety check for missing applets on start, and better overall support. The pro version will receive more frequent updates than the free version will.

 This installer has the smallest Busybox binaries available, right around 700kb unlike the other installers which are over a meg. Also this installer does not require you to download anything extra like other installers do and thus works much faster.

 Please note I did not write BusyBox! I wrote this installer, cross compiled BusyBox for Android. Please see the about menu option for more details or here: http://www.BusyBox.net

 BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux".

 This version includes 1.19.4, 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.18.4, and 1.18.5 no need to have more than that because it takes up space on your phone and each newer version will still contain the older features, unless I forgot to compile them in.

 Leave this installed if you always want to get the latest version of busybox!

 tags: busybox, utility, terminal, emulator, root, stericson, adb, toolbox, rom, unlock, jailbreak, root, linux, unix, shell, script, tools, android, installer, busybox installer, (Confirmed Amazon)

 What's in this version:

 v 9.0

 Fixed some bugs, rewrote the core library that the application runs on, hopefully resulting in faster speeds. Improved detection ability for binaries such as su, busybox, and other required binaries.

 Fixed some bug reports.

 Please email me with stacktraces if you have force closes!


Download Instructions:


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MoboPlayer v1.3.216 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+

Overview: The best video player on Android! Watching your any videos on Phone and without conversion, anytime and anywhere.

 We feature the best playback experience and quality.

 Our video player supports:

 All video formats (need to choose "software decoding" mode in most cases)

 Popular subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA

 Subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV, and others

 Multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles

 Playlists and continuous play on same type files

 Videos streamed through HTTP, RTSP protocols

 Media libraries and sort videos by type

 Thumbnail displays of videos

 Mobo 1.3.216 Build (2012-07-29)

 Added: Floating Window playback when press Home key

 Added: Double-click the Floating Window to pause

 Added: Return to normal playback view by press logo on Floating Window

 Fixed: Suport Android 4.1

 Fixed: FC when scan some AVI files


Download Instructions:


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HDR Camera+ v2.23 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 2.2+

Overview: Capture high quality HDR images in full resolution

 Capture high quality High Dynamic Range images:

 - Full resolution

 - Take HDR image in one tap

 - HDR image fused and tone-mapped on device within seconds

 - Don't have to be rock-solid while shooting

 - Correct handling of moving objects and de-ghosting

 - You can control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure

 - Save original exposure bracketed images

 - Location tagging

 - Shutter sound can be muted

 - Support for Flash on/off/auto

 Why HDR


 Real life scenes often have a wide range of light intensity, which cannot be captured by a camera. In a photo of such a scene the bright areas look washed out and everything in shadows is pictured as a black spot with no details. The HDR technique allows you to capture details in bright and dark areas and have them merged in a single photo.

 HDR photography is widely adopted by professional photographers. Wouldn't it be nice to have an HDR in mobile phones?

 The problem is that HDR requires taking several differently exposed images in series, which must be precisely aligned and then fused. In order to be usable for real life scenes, the HDR feature should include moving object detection and hand shake compensation to avoid or minimize the ghosting in the final image. That requires a lot of computational resources and makes a challenge even for professional desktop HDR software.

 Almalence has brought its expertise in professional HDR software to mobile phones. Our HDR fusion algorithms compensate hand shaking and detect moving objects in the scene, suppressing ghosting artifacts. At the same time, the algorithms are quick enough to provide comfortable processing time on mobile devices.

 What's in this version:

 - support for quad-core processors

 - tweaks for Samsung Galaxy SIII

 - better highlight recovery

 - better adjustments screen (Instagram-like presets added)


Download Instructions:


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King of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 (Android)

King of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 (Android) .apk

Overview: King Fighter III (Deluxe),all levels unlock!Free 99 gems,enough to exchange everything you want in this game!

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: July 25, 2012

Price: $0.99

dd56c590e9 King of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 (Android) 1c112108b9 King of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 (Android)

You are the most important hero, this time you are not alone, you need a beautiful companion to help you to resist the forces of evil together.

-A long time to enjoy a wonderful vacation, but interferes with the peace of the unexpected arrests and crack. The police had been intended that the wanted man, and Long, who came under attack and a coma after a criminal arrest for trading. When you wake up, you notice that your body was full of energy, this energy without conscious control the forces let off, put a shirt and a pair of beauty “lipstick” and hearts begin to fight against death.

That’s a new wave of more easily, great battles of the wind, and add a variety of game-play BOSS new, full of ambition. A variety of stunning variety of skills and the level and open. Definitely, it is an exciting game with fresh units.

King of Fighter III is running a martial arts game, you-Long, who came under attack and a coma after a criminal arrest for trading.


* Sensitive control! Several strategies for fighting

* Learn the moves “Teaching Mode”

* Various updates to the level of the arena and the state is coming soon!

* Smooth punches and kicks!

* It supports a dual role system, level switch, hidden in a variety of challenge levels and many other new elements.

9d691ae9b2 King of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 (Android)

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Download King of Fighter III Deluxe 1.0 (Android)

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Broken Sword : Director’s Cut 1.5 (Android)

Broken Sword : Director’s Cut 1.5 (Android) apk

Overview: Paris in the Fall… a brutal murder at the Palais Royale. When Nico Collard is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon, she finds herself inextricably drawn into a terrifying conspiracy.

Requirements: Android / OS Varies with device

Market Update Released: July 26, 2012

Price: $4.70

ca10a479cc Broken Sword : Directors Cut 1.5 (Android) 472b2359ec Broken Sword : Directors Cut 1.5 (Android)

Broken Sword : Director’s Cut An all-time classic, this is adventure gaming at its very best.

One of the all-time classic adventures, multi BAFTA-nominated ‘Broken Sword: Director’s Cut’ pitches sassy journalist Nico Collard, and intrepid American George Stobbart into a mysterious journey of intrigue and jeopardy. Guide George and Nico on their globe-spanning adventure, exploring exotic locations, solving ancient mysteries, and thwarting a dark conspiracy to reveal the secret truths of the Knights Templar.

Featuring a widely-praised touch interface, ‘Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut’ introduces an intricate new narrative thread, alongside the classic story that has charmed millions of players. It’s time to experience George and Nico’s worldwide adventure in a whole new way, with brand new puzzles, hilarious new jokes, and the distinctive, rich story that made the series so deservedly renowned. This is adventure gaming at its very best.

An enhanced version of the iPhone classic, which itself earned an average (metacritic) review score of 91%, the game includes many unique features including a digital version of ‘Watchman’ co-creator Dave Gibbons’s collector’s comic.

“…this is a must-play game: a latter day blockbuster in a director’s cut form”. The Independent online (5/5)

Full English speech, with the option for subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.

What’s in this version:

Version 1.5

Fixed issues with movie player for HTC Sensation devices.

Fixed menu graphics for Nexus 7 & HTC Sensation devices.

Higher resolution icon.

Fixed Giant George bug, be vigilant.

daaf153289 Broken Sword : Directors Cut 1.5 (Android) b0f462c68e Broken Sword : Directors Cut 1.5 (Android)

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Download Broken Sword : Director’s Cut 1.5 (Android)

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Copy ‘ uk.co.revolution.bs1dc’ folder to /sdcard/Android/Obb’ (If you have installed previous version, no need to download cache file)

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CPU Sleeper v2.5 Apk App

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Its a fairly simple App that will put CPU 1/2/3 OFFLINE when the screen turns off. Once the screen comes back on, it will allow CPU 1/2/3 back ONLINE.

 ### Attention, Root Required Application!! ###

 How does it work?

 Since we have Dual & Quad core CPUs, we have a CPU 0 and a CPU 1/2/3, core 0/1/2/3, while the screen is off we really only need to have 1 core active "CPU0", this App will make sure CPU 1/2/3 shuts off while the screen is off, then resumes normal usage when the screen comes back on.


 Works with any Dual Core & Quad Core Devices!

 Battery Saving?

 Battery savings all depends on Usage & idle times.

 What's in this version:

 Version 2.5 Release Notes:

 ~ Memory Footprint fixed

 ~ Fixed error in 2.4 which caused battery drain issue.

 ~ Implement loadavg checking

 Version 2.4 Release Notes:

 ~ Reimplemented Script

 ~ Fixed Core From turning on while Off.

 ~ Fixed Cores Not turning back on.

 ~ Fixed Sleep State

 ~ Battery Drains Fixed

 ~ Cores are now Fully Auto at turning ON & OFF

 ~ Fixed Issue with SetCPU Profile state


Download Instructions:

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Tasks v1.3.4 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Tasks brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android.


 Get the paid version for a significantly reduced price throughout April.

 * Sync with Google Tasks at the core *

 Sync with Google Tasks is not just another bullet point in an endless feature list, but lies at the heart of the application. Our goal is to bring all the features you are enjoying online to your Android device.

 * Tuned to the whole Android ecosystem *

 Tasks uses the modern design language introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich throughout the application. However, that doesn’t mean that we compromise on compatibility, as we made sure that Tasks runs on Android 2.2 or later. And whether you have a phone, a tablet or anything in between, the UI just feels right for the screen you are holding in your hands.

 * Additional Features *

 Due date reminders


 Multiple Google accounts

 * Versions *

 Next to the paid version we also offer a free, ad-supported version which will start showing ads after 10 days. Both versions offer the same functionality and features. You won’t lose any data if you decide to upgrade from the free to the paid version as all the data is synced with Google Tasks.

 * Move to SD card not supported due to problems with widgets *

 What's in this version:

 - Expandable notifications for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

 - Adjustments for 7" tablets (like Nexus 7)

 - If you have a hardware keyboard, you can just start typing to create a new task

 - Minor bug fixes


Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Game Releases • Zombies...OMG! V1.3.1

Zombies...OMG! V1.3.1
Overview: Fight off the Zombies! Take back your family and rebuild your hometown!


- Zombies...OMG! is an online RPG game based on LBS. You can acquire various cool weapons to fight the Zombies, save and take your families back to rebuild the homeland.
- Creative Story System, You can explore a whole new world under the guide of Story Missions.
- Plentiful Weapon&Craft System. You can not only use every awesome weapons, but also craft your special ones.
- Classical Collection&Construction System. You can collect the Loot and trade in The Collections for Big Rewards, finally help you to promote your economy.
- Awesome Social System, you can find friends by real location in real world, and even so you can build alliance with your friends and fight with the Zombies.
More Info:

Download Instructions:

Statistics: Posted by androidbabys — Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:18 am

Mosaicture 1.6 (Android)

Mosaicture 1.6 (Android)

Overview: Mosaicture is the first Android application that generates mosaics based on all available images on your device.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Market Update Released: July 28, 2012

Price: $0.99

1661a025ca Mosaicture 1.6 (Android) 80d7127ddd Mosaicture 1.6 (Android)

While other applications simply draw the original image over top of your photos, Mosaicture uses the available images on your gallery, automatically placing them in the correct place to recreate the original image.

Select an image of your device, or take a picture, and give it a time so Mosaicture can recreate the original image using the images on your gallery. The more different the color of your images, the more precise Mosaicture can match the original image.

Mosaicture Features :

✓ Create mosaics of any photos on your gallery

✓ Use zoom-in to visualize the photos used on your mosaic

✓ Adjust the size of your mosaics

✓ Select photos that should not be used on mosaic generation

✓ Share your mosaics via email, facebook, twitter and more

The INTERNET permission is required to send details of any errors that may happen.

What’s in this version:

New in 1.6:

- Scanning performance improvements

- Minor bug fixes

487985e87a Mosaicture 1.6 (Android) 22076440a0 Mosaicture 1.6 (Android)

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Download Mosaicture 1.6 (Android)

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Security &amp; Antivirus Premier (Android)

Security & Antivirus Premier (Android) apk

Overview: Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier Security and Anti-virus.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: July 27, 2012

Price: $19.99

f57999bbba Security & Antivirus Premier (Android) 804f982415 Security & Antivirus Premier (Android)

Webroot phone and tablet security and antivirus.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier is the most advanced antivirus, Internet security & identity protection for Android™ smartphones & tablets. Complete mobile security with App Inspector, remote data wipe, lost device mapping, virus shield, SIM card lock, network monitor & more.

“Webroot offers advanced features not found in competing products.”—PC Magazine

“Best of the security applications for Android phones.”—Tech of Web

“A must for Android users.”—Uberphones

Key Features & Benefits:


• Automatically scans your apps and files for viruses, spyware, Trojans

• Antivirus security shields block malware before it has a chance to install

• Alerts you when your device and settings are vulnerable to attack


• Automatically scans web links and URLs to block phishing and other harmful content


• Remote Access – Use your Mobile Security Website (https://mobile.webroot.com/auth/login) or another mobile device to remotely lock, wipe, or locate your device

• Device Lock – Remotely locks your device if it’s lost or stolen*

• Device Wipe – Remotely wipes your contacts, text messages, other personal information*

• Device Scream – Sounds an alert to help you locate your device nearby

• Device Locate – See your device’s location on a map*

• SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks device when your SIM card is removed*


• Spam blocking – Blocks text spam and unwanted calls*

• Virus blocking – Automatically blocks messages containing malicious URLs


• Scans all apps and identifies those that can:

o Access to your Email/SMS messages

o Cost you money

o Access sensitive information

o Track your location

o Drain your battery

• Battery Monitor provides battery status and power usage by apps

• Network Monitor provides details of apps that are accessing the network


• Please join us on the Webroot Mobile forum, submit any questions and product feedback


• Runs quietly in the background

• Light on device memory and battery utilization

• Checks for security updates automatically to ensure latest antivirus and security protection

* 3G/4G data connection or wifi required for some features


Webroot offers the best free and Premier antivirus downloads for Android devices. Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier for Android™ boasts Premier antivirus software with enhanced security features and complete mobile protection for Android devices

What’s in this version:

- Added a new malware category for aggressive advertisements

- Support for Android Jelly Bean

- Bug fixes

fa6b03e83f Security & Antivirus Premier (Android) f53746354c Security & Antivirus Premier (Android)

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Download Security & Antivirus Premier (Android)

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‘Do not enter ‘Device phone no’ when registering or logging’

Audio Manager NoAds (Android)

Audio Manager NoAds (Android) apk

Overview: This is same as the Audio Manager aka Hide it pro application on your phone except that this version has no ads

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Market Update Released: July 28, 2012

Price: $3.99

97fa2309a1 Audio Manager NoAds (Android)

Protect your private life

You may uninstall the one with ads before you make the purchase

You should try the ad free version before you buy

Hide the Pictures/Videos you don’t want anyone to see.

Hide Pictures and Videos in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED version. Only app in android market having full 5 stars rating with 1,000,000 downloads

Like us ? Hit the +1 button. Hide it Pro is the best app to hide pictures and videos in your phone.

The app is cleverly disguised as “Audio Manager” in the App Drawer.

Hide the Pictures/Videos/Audio Files and Even Entire applications that you don’t want anyone to see.

Features built in video player , gallery , password protection and lots more.

Disguises itself as a Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch.

You can hide Images/Videos/Audio Recordings etc. from the Phone’s stock gallery by selecting all the pics that you want to hide and selecting SHARE. Applications can be hidden from within the Hide it Pro app.

Features :

0.) App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager

1.) Super clean and smooth UI.

2.) Proper segregation of videos/pictures audio with dashboard

3.) Categorize media into folders of your choice

4.) Batch(Multi-Select) support for hiding and unhiding files

5.) Unhide entire folders, or select multiple files to unhide at once

6.) Move files between folders

7.) Sort files by date/size/name and sort folders by count/name

8.) Thumbnails for pictures and videos on all devices

9.) Gallery features Pinch to Zoom , Double tap to zoom , One finger hold and move zoom

10.) Slideshow with Fade and Zoom effects

11.) Send/Share pictures , Get picture details and other miscellaneous options

12.) Image for seamless browsing

13.) Special optimization for low end phones. (uncheck the low memory mod from settings to get crisper pics back)

14.) Video player features play/pause/forward/rewind/next video/prev video support

15.) Ability to choose and save custom video player

16.) Disappears from recent apps list

17.) Two lock screen options viz Pin and Password

18.) Escape pin/password for times when you get caught

19.) Has built in full featured file manager with ability to hide/move/share/delete multiple files

20.) Built in encryption tool(with military standard 256-bit AES encryption) to secure your most important files

21.) Special support for Incognito Browser(vBrowser) with hidden bookmarks ,and special ability like downloading from 14+ video streaming websites

22.) Full Support for Locking apps from within the app.


There are a lot more features like custom slideshow durations/slideshow order/effects , custom folder thumbnails etc. but i’ll leave some of the secrets of the app to be discovered by the users icon wink Audio Manager NoAds (Android)

Permissions Explained :

>> INTERNET , READ_PHONE_STATE – for advertisements

>> WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – for functioning of the app

>> GET_TASKS , KILL_BACKGROUND_TASK — for hidden apps part

>> SET_WALLPAPER — setting wallpaper in gallery

There are many similar apps in the market like

like Vaulty,Keep Safe,PicSafe, Picture Safe for Android, Privacy, Security, Hide videos, Picture privacy, Vault, Hide Photos, Gallery Lock, kii safe,Keep Safe,Photo Safe(PS), iLock Pro, Hide Photos etc. but none of them is even comparable to what Hide it pro can do. Give it a try , i am sure you won’t be disappointed.

What’s in this version: :

Hide App Icon is now optional [Download Plugin to activate]

Removed Permissions required for the same.

Fixed Couple of bugs.


Hide Hide it pro Icon from App Drawer [Settings --> Advanced Settings]

Require New Permissions : Process Outgoing Calls and Write Contacts for the feature mentioned above.

Light and Dark Themes [Settings --> UI Settings]


Fixed Hide App part for root users

Fixed Vault Location changing , more user friendly now

Numerous bug fixes.

197e4a88ff Audio Manager NoAds (Android) 4ea395d5f4 Audio Manager NoAds (Android)

7be7b67aaa Audio Manager NoAds (Android) 30b53004ce Audio Manager NoAds (Android)

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Download Audio Manager NoAds (Android)

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Widget Works 1.1 (Android)

Widget Works 1.1 (Android) apk

Overview: Widget Works! All in one widgets for your personalized android home screen.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: July 27, 2012

Price: $0.99

612663ac4b Widget Works 1.1 (Android) 0c261f2b39 Widget Works 1.1 (Android)

Widget Works! A suite of all in one home screen widgets designed to personalize and accentuate your home screen. With hundreds of clock as well as weather combinations and customization options, Widget Works provides you with the ability to configure widgets with your own personal tastes. Future updates will soon include home screen shortcuts as well as news feeds.

This application is designed to function on almost all phone models and android versions with 2.2+ (Froyo to Jelly Bean). Most widgets are fairly light weight in resource use terms and due to being able to configure one widget to contain multiple locations, multiple widgets will likely not be necessary. Please test the app as much as possible within the return period to insure that the app functions as it should on your phone.

Setup and Configuration:

Upon selecting and placing a widget on the home screen, the app attempts to use gps location services to ascertain the users location. This is so the first widget page can be set up to be the users location (if location check is unsuccessful, the app may lag for a few seconds before configuration begins, please ignore this if that is the case).

Proceed to enabling those widgets you want to have visible (for now select clock and weather as those are the only ones available). Then select any extra options you may wish to have and proceed to setting up the widget pages. Page 1 is set up automatically if possible. Please verify your location and timezone and type in a description for this widget. Note: you may type in your region/city in the timezone area, but please mind the format for entering the information and select your timezone from the drop down box located under the editable space in order to ensure proper clock timing (Putting anything in the editable timezone box will shorten the list in the drop down box, please select closest major timezone location to yours).

After setting up the pages you want to be able to cycle through (make sure those pages have their enable page checkbox checked), click customize widget and select your widget styles.

After widget is set up, please press the finish button and your widget is ready for use. Note, that the visibility button (which itself is invisible) is located on top of the weather icon (or where the weather icon would be if weather was enabled). To properly press the left and right arrows for the description and date, aim within the arrow bounds but more towards the clock. Also, the current date is the one that has current weather and extra data on weather available. The weather is from google weather and is updated every hour. For those wishing for more frequent updates, you may click on the configure icon and then click finish once configuration is launched since that updates the weather to the current time (this is to make sure the phone doesn’t lose too much battery life due to constant updates).

Please note that all permissions required on installation are necessary for the apps functions and that no personal information is taken off the phone.

What’s in this version:

1.1: Fixed package name

1.0: Initial Release

d1781f5c72 Widget Works 1.1 (Android) a02285832e Widget Works 1.1 (Android)

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Download Widget Works 1.1 (Android)

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RPG Elemental Knights Online 1.4.0 (Android)

RPG Elemental Knights Online 1.4.0 (Android) apk

Overview: ELEMENTAL KNIGHTS ONLINE is an anime-style MMORPG featuring borderless access and global entertainment.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: July 27, 2012

Price: $6.36

412a4c2171 RPG Elemental Knights Online 1.4.0 (Android) 4a317218c7 RPG Elemental Knights Online 1.4.0 (Android)

●The World’s Destiny

Spirits, creatures, and humans have been blessed with technology and magic as a means of living thanks to ELEMENTAL: the power that dwells inside all of nature and the resting place of the gods.

300 years ago, lust for this power drove the citizens of this world into a Great War with one another. But four heroes stood up in the name of peace and would restore harmony to the land…

Centuries later, the monsters and spirits have grown violent. The Dragons awaken from a three century slumber. A wave of tragic incidents ensues…

Each country dispatches their knights and adventurers to investigate the recent outbreak of bizarre happenings. What is the meaning of all this?

Now you must take up your arms and armor. On your journey you shall encounter beautiful witches, humble townspeople, despondent warriors, breathtaking vistas, and wicked adversaries.

Let nothing prevent you from solving the mystery behind the recent chaos! Our world is in peril.

“EKO” is real-time, full 3D MMORPG playable by anyone and anywhere in the world!

Join your friends on a grand adventure through mysterious lands with eccentric locals…

This game features:

- Monk, thief, bishop, wizard, magiknight, and more job-classes

- Thousands of items, a trillion combinations, and cosplay gear such as Graham Cracker Wings

- Hundreds of NPCs and over 100 quests

- Party creation with up to four people

- Free chat, emoticons, and gestures

- Play in English or Japanese

- Grassy plains, forests, deserts, underground canals, haunted castles, and… snow hedgehogs.

- Special events hosted twice a month

- Gacha for the gambler inside you


*A list of all compatible devices can be found in the FAQ

**Some Android devices not yet supported


->We have confirmed that users are experiencing bugs when playing with ISW13HT (Android 4.0.3).

Also, we are investigating performance issues with other devices.

***Due to individual devices and network environments, some users may experience difficulty accessing the game unless connected to a Wi-Fi network. Only one or even all of the possible connection methods may work depending on each individual’s circumstances. There are no refunds for not being able to connect using your preferred method.

What’s in this version:

version 1.4.0

◆Update Detail◆

[New] Dark King appeared at the land of Fendalia!!

Defeat monsters, accumulate exp as an Elemental Knight for [Chaos Guage Up].

When “”Chaos Guage”" full, you can go to parallel world against Dark King in a short period of time!

■New Quests Added!!

Dark King’s Blood [Target Lv6~30]

■For reduce the difficulty of clear following quests, collect necessary items have become easier♪

・Reward for Trial

・Defend the Old Recipe!

・Basser Wing


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Download RPG Elemental Knights Online 1.4.0 (Android)

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